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Looking for a unique gift idea for a special occasion? Then look no further than these beer bottle top cufflinks. Handmade using reclaimed beer bottle tops, these cufflinks fit any long sleeve shirt or jacket requiring cufflinks. Choose from a range of well known branded beers to feature on your cufflinks or we can even search for the beer of your choice. The hardest part for us will be drinking the beer!


These beer bottle top cufflinks are ideal for weddings, birthdays or get togethers and are sure to get noticed on a clean crisp shirt. They are made from solid metal along with the metal beer bottle cap and are a standard cufflink size.


• Bottle Top Cufflinks
• Unique
• Bright and Vibrant
• Ideal gift
• Huge Variety 


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Price includes postage & packaging.

Bottle Top Cufflinks

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