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It is time to remember. Decorate your windows, cars, or any flat/smooth surface with poppies.


These decals are made with permanent matt vinyl. Our Matt Finish vinyl is durable, waterproof, flexible and has an acrylic removable adhesive making it suitable for indoor and outdoor projects.


This Poppy window sticker will measure approximately 7x8cm.

As a mark of respect 50% of each Remembrance Poppy window sticker sold will go to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Please select if you'll apply them inside or outside as this will make a difference on the way your sticker arrives to you, to ensure the leaf is still facing at 11'oclock.


Application:Squeegee will give best results. (Squeegee is not included, But Bankcard works just as good!)


1. Clean the area with water and dry well.2. Squeegee over the back of the decal to ensure the clear application tape has a good bond.2. Carefully remove the white backing first, as you want all the decal design on the clear application/transfer tape. (if any parts of decal do not lift off the backing paper, place the clear tape back down and repeat step 2)3. Place your one edge of the decal on your chosen area, then slowly place the rest down.4. Using your squeegee rub over the decal design with the transfer still in place making sure it’s adhering to the surface.5. Remove the application tape. Sometimes one corner is easier than another if you find some parts lift repeat step 4 again.



• Remembrance decal

• Poppy Window Sticker

• Ready to apply

• Durable and waterproof

• Measures 7x8cm (Approx)

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


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Price includes postage & packaging.

Poppy Window Sticker

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