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Our personalised pencils are perfect for children starting school, a teacher gift, a business, or even a save the date for weddings.


Our pencils can be personalised with any wording you'd like, however there will be a limit to what we can fit on. The Pencil colour options are Red, Yellow, Rainbow or mini wooden. The pencils measure - Red - 18.5cm, Yellow - 18.5cm, Rainbow - 18.5cm, Small Wooden - 8.5cm.
The wording is laser engraved in the wood and will last a lifetime.


• Personalised Pencils
• Use for Lots of Occasions
• Brightly Coloured
• Personalised
• Measures 18.5 or 8.5cm
• Ideal gift


We have lots of other handmade decor & gifts available.


Personalise Pencil

Pencil Colour
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